35 Fun Things To Do In Kiama Beach

1) Go Stump Jumping

Kiama Beach is home to the famous stump jump competition, an annual event that has run for over 50 years. Competitors leap across a stretch of water using stumps as jumping points. The event raises money for charity and attracts thousands of spectators and competitors each year.

2) Go Watching The Waves

kiama beach

 Kiama Beach is a prime place to go swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or simply lazing around on the beach. It’s even great for a picnic! Swimmers can enjoy safe swimming within the patrolled area of Kiama Surf Club. Non-Swimmable surf conditions will be posted from time to time; if unsafe swim conditions persist swimmers should move to a safer location per advice from lifeguards via megaphone or radio communications.

3) Go Surfing  

kiama beach

Kiama Beach is one of the best surfing spots on the South Coast. The beach alternates between east and south-west facing breaks, with both right and left-handers. There are many great waves throughout the year including swells during NSW school holidays and summer months – providing honing opportunities for beginner or intermediate surfers as well as challenging professional experts.

Seasonal variations in wave quality make this break a unique experience! Surf schools operate from Kiama Round Head throughout the year, however, most offer lessons only during peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter, and school holidays.

4) Go Fishing  

Kiama Beach is a great place to fish and there are plenty of spots to source fresh seafood. The Port Kiama boat ramp is only 9 minutes drive from Kiama Village along the Princes Highway. Don’t forget your fishing license!

8) Have A Picnic

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No visit to Kiama would be complete without a picnic – preferably on top of one of the nearby headlands overlooking beautiful views out over the Pacific Ocean. Headlands like Cape Banks offer spectacular views in all directions, stretching from mountains all the way out to sea. The best time for a picnic at Cape Banks is during sunset as Melbourne’s skyline transforms into an enchanting play of blues and pinks against the dark sky and sea.

9) Go Bird Watching

 Over 150 different species of bird have been recorded in Kiama, as well as the occasional kangaroo! Headlands like Cape Banks offer a spectacular lookout over the ocean and inland to the foothills of the You Yangs. Wildlife is abundant at this headland habitat – it’s a great opportunity to see birds in their natural environment up close, including migratory shorebirds that travel from Africa and Asia each year.  

10) Go Boating

Kiama Boat Club is one of Australia’s best sailing clubs with members ranging from complete novices to Olympic Gold Medallists. There is a number of ways to get involved and learn to sail, including training courses or ‘learn to sail’ days. The Kiama Boat Club is a perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors by escaping Sydney’s city life for a few hours or even overnight!

11) Go Whale Watching  

kiama beach

Every year on the June Long Weekend (the third weekend in June) Sea World Australia invites the public to take part in their whale watching survey.

Members of the public are able to jump on board a boat with members from Sea World and help count whales off the South Coast of NSW. Cetacean species such as Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales migrate past Kiama during this time – so it’s an exciting chance for visitors, locals, and school students to contribute to whale conservation and research.

12) Visit The Fishing Museum Of Australia

 Fishing has been a part of the Kiama beach community since the early days of European settlement when Aboriginals first showed locals how to fish in local rock pools and rivers. Today fishing is still a big part of many families’ lives – some are commercial operators while others are recreational fishermen who enjoy their time fishing with family and friends.

The Fishing Museum features over 200 years’ worth of fishing artifacts including old photos, memorabilia as well as lots of interactive things for kids like games, puzzles, and wall climbing; making it a great stop for visitors both young and old!

13) Take A Walk On The Wild Side  

The Kiama Coastal Walk – a stunning 6km walk that winds its way through the spectacular Kiama cliffs. It’s an adventure in itself! Features include historic shipwreck sites, great photo opportunities of the Ocean and coastline plus dramatic views over to Jamberoo.

The walk is suitable for all ages and abilities, with plenty of signage and information along the way making it easy to follow – even if you don’t have a map or GPS tracker!

14) Go To The Movies At kiama beach cinema

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  This independent cinema has been showing family-friendly movies for over 40 years making it one of Kiama’s longest-running businesses. A typical night out at Cinema Paradiso might start with dinner from their café menu, followed by a movie, and ending with dessert – all in the same spot.

Cinema Paradiso has been voted one of Australia’s favorite independent cinemas with great customer service and amazing picture quality on their two indoor screens; not to mention an enormous marquee cinema screen outdoors! (Unfortunately, the marquee cinema screen is closed until further notice due to damage caused by last year’s wild storm).

15) Find A Beach To Get You Back In The Summer Mood

 Kiama offers over 20 kilometers of unspoiled white sand beaches that stretch from Kiama Harbour right through to Jamberoo.

The Penguin Parade on Coast Road is a unique beachside attraction for kids in particular – as hundreds of little penguins arrive at dusk each evening to walk up the beach towards their burrows. Head inland to find a secluded spot or head down towards Jamberoo to surf, kayak, fish and swim!

16) Take A Selfie At The Big Banana

You might want to keep this as just a day trip, considering the bridge is only one lane wide. But it’s an awesome photo opp!

17) Walk Across The Seal Rocks at kiama beach

Visit the little penguin colony at sunset or go for a walk across these limestone rocks and feel like you’re on an adventure! Make sure to stay well away from them when it’s high tide, though.

18) Take A Stroll Through Kiama Mall And Enjoy The Festive Lights  

Kiama Town Centre is full of festive lights during the month of December – you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate from one store then visit another for a yummy baked good. There are also plenty of stores to keep both adults and kids busy on rainy or cloudy days! 

19) Check Out The Arts In Kiama  

Overhead View Of Busy Museum Interior With Visitors Overhead View Of Busy Museum Interior With Visitors museum stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Every year in November, the Kiama Performing Arts Centre (KPAC) puts on an annual arts festival called ‘Reading The Signs’ which showcases visual art, performance art, and live music.

They also have a gallery space right next to the theatre that also regularly has local artists exhibiting their work so you can check it out without having to pay for a ticket or program!

20) Watch A Movie At The Old Cinema

Built-in 1938, this heritage-listed building is a treasure trove of history with some awesome features like velvet curtains, old school seats, and even catwalks where actors used to walk between cinemas.  

It’s currently run as an event venue but will soon be screening movies again; including classic films and family-friendly movies every Sunday afternoon in the lead up to Christmas. 

21) Visit The Kiama Museum

This must-see museum offers a glimpse into Kiama’s past with exhibits that celebrate the community and its cultural connections. One of my personal favorite artifacts is called ‘Deborah’ – a sound sculpture made up of over 50,000 metal bells that are rung by the ocean breeze!

Take note: There are other museums (like Jamberoo Action & Heritage Centre ) in our surrounding area which may be open on certain days (weather permitting), so make sure you check their hours before you head out there. 

22) Get Out On The Water With A Kayak Or Boat Tour  

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At Lake Conjola you can go kayaking to explore the salt lake, hire a boat in the summertime for sightseeing, or even take a scenic cruise off Kiama Harbour to view the surrounding area. 

Check out  Kiama’s calendar of events and see which activities are happening during your stay!  

23) Visit Kiama Beach Bowling Club For A Great Time

They have some awesome food (try the Steak Sandwich) and games like pool, table tennis, and billiards if you want something more active than just bowling! Check their website for upcoming events as well.

24) Visit The Sea Shell Shop

 This place has an amazing selection of beach treasures both big and small – including hundreds of gorgeous seashell pieces you can buy in bulk if you’re looking for that special gift.

25) Sample Some Great Coffee At Spoke & Grind   

You’ll find all the usual coffee shop offerings here like a wide variety of beans, teas, and hot chocolate – but they also have some tasty treats such as cakes, waffles, and even macaroons!

This charming little cafe is not only a great place to visit when it’s raining outside – but it’s also on the corner of our main street so you can’t miss it!

26) Go On A Picnic at one of the Beautiful Parks

The top picks are Kiama Heights Park and the Kiama Foreshore Reserve, both of which offer stunning panoramic views. Make sure to bring a blanket or picnic mat for your comfort!

27) Take A Tour Of The Surrounding Area

If you’re looking for some more action after a day at the beach, make sure to check out the tours and trips available from local operators. Our area has a lot of interesting cultural and historical attractions that you can visit at your own pace; book a tour in advance so you don’t miss out on some amazing experiences!

28) Visit The Coffee Club for A Delicious Treat

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This quaint café serves up gourmet coffee, yummy cakes, and even homemade ice cream! They have live music on Sunday afternoons (12-3) if you want to catch some local talent.

29) Take A Walk Along The Kiama Coastal Walk 

This trail is a gorgeous woodland walk along the cliffs between Lighthouse Hill and the Narrow Neck Lookout, offering a stunning view of the ocean below. This is one of my favorite places to go for some fresh air and exercise on a nice day. You can also take this trail all the way up to Jamberoo – which is even more beautiful!

30) Visit The Kiama Surf Club For An Awesome View

The surfing club rents out its upstairs area to visitors on a per-hour basis, which is perfect for private parties or small gatherings. This venue also has conference and function rooms available if you want to book something bigger!

31) Watch The Thunderstorms From The Beach 

Man beside a mountain lake in rain Man standing on a rock beside a dramatic mountain lake after a hike in the rainy, gloomy day. Active lifestyle, outdoor activities, moods and emotions concept. storm watching stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This is one of the most breathtaking things you can see in our area – especially during the winter months when the storms get really severe. You could also see some incredible lightning strikes if you’re lucky!

32) Eat Dinner At The Mangles Sizzling Steakhouse

If you’re looking for a good steak, this is the place to go – try their sizzling steaks cooked at your table and wash it down with one of their large beers!

33) Have Dinner At The Beach House Restaurant & Bar  

Their food is absolutely amazing and the location is breathtaking – make sure you book a table during sunset for an unforgettable experience.  This place is also great if you’re having a party, family gathering, or another special event – they offer set menus as well as plenty of space for a big crowd! 34) Explore The Local Markets  

There are some great markets in our area that are worth checking out – the popular places include Kiama Town Market, The Cooma Farmers’ Market, and Jamberoo Farmers’ Market. There aren’t any weekly markets during the winter months so make sure to check their websites for opening hours!

35) Visit The Jamberoo Mountain Village  

This is a great place to go if you’re looking for some more outdoor activities – there are plenty of hiking trails, bush walks, and even snow adventures in winter. There’s also a mini-golf course here if you want something low-key.

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