Best Time For You To Visit Charleston SC | Complete Tourist Guide

 Best time of year to visit Charleston SC:

From a tourism perspective, the months that bring in most visitors to Charleston are April-June and September-November for a good reason.

Not only does it not often rain during these times (on average about four days out of each month), but spring/fall tourists can enjoy trees full of leaves or azaleas at their peak color without having to pay for a major holiday weekend.

Charleston is one of the most visited cities in the United States, and it’s easy to see why.

The city has beautiful churches, lovely architecture, cobblestone streets, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet; there’s also no shortage of historic sites, things to do for families on vacation, good southern food options (that either pair well with a cocktail or are great for families on a budget), and plenty of prime tourist attractions that will leave you breathless.

The best month to visit Charleston SC:

The month of July is the slowest as far as tourism goes, both in Charleston and across the state, making it a great time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds.

From an insider’s perspective, business owners around town love this season because they can take their lunch break without having to battle other tourists for restaurant space and parking spots.

August-September (specifically Labor Day weekend) is also a bit slower than most months; however, even during these times, there are still plenty of exciting things going on that make them worthwhile tourist seasons.

Remember that hotel is more expensive during these busy times too, so be sure to book your room well in advance if you’re planning on staying overnight!

 High tourist season:

Folly Beach, SC A view of Folly Beach with people on the beach and a seagull flying by | Folly beach, Folly Island, Charleston, South Carolina, USA 2018 Charleston - south carolina crowd stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The absolute best time to visit Charleston, SC, if you’re looking for the biggest crowds possible is during the summer months of June-August.

Hotels are most expensive, restaurants are more crowded, and finding parking will take you longer than usual! Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy yourself in the height of tourist season; however, it CAN make sightseeing a bit more hectic than what you might be used to.

Remember that there’s always something happening around town no matter how big the crowds get, so don’t let them stop you from enjoying your time here! Also, keep in mind that September and October aren’t as busy as their peak summer months but still attract a pretty good number of people.

The month of January is another great time to visit Charleston if you want to avoid the crowds. It can sometimes be a bit rainy, though, so keep that in mind when booking your trip.

The best times of year to visit Charleston for fishing are between late February and early April (when boats can easily access rockfish) and then during summer months when the water warms up enough to make it comfortable for Deep Sea Fishing.

 Visit Charleston SC in Fall:

Early fall is another excellent time to visit Charleston for sightseeing. The weather is usually delightful as far as temperatures go. You’ll find that there are a lot of festivals going on throughout the city too!

It’s also worth noting that winter can be an excellent time to visit if you’re looking for things to do in Charleston during the cold months. However, you should be aware that it can get a bit chilly, so pack accordingly.

Visit Charleston SC in winter:

Charleston experiences all four seasons throughout the year. Generally speaking, summers are sweltering and humid, while winters aren’t too bad with mild temperatures.

March to May brings warmer weather that is great for sightseeing but can be pretty busy in town due to the tourist season. October to December is off-peak, so that hotels may offer discounts or incentives. January tends to be cool but not cold, while February can get chilly at times (bring a coat).

 Visit Charleston SC in the summer:

The best times of year to visit Charleston for sightseeing are in March through May (when temperatures are excellent), September and October (mild weather), and December (Christmas activities).

Charleston is a historic city rich in culture, natural beauty, and countless attractions. Whether you’re planning an extended stay or just stopping by for the day, there’s always something to do here! If you’re looking for things to do in Charleston 29403, then keep reading to find out my top recommendations!

 Visit Charleston SC in spring:

October is the most popular month for visitors, so if you can’t stand crowds, try visiting Charleston in September instead. People are starting to trickle into town at this time, giving it a more peaceful atmosphere than in October. Also, keep in mind that, generally speaking, it is warmer during early fall than late fall, so pack accordingly.

Things to do in downtown Charleston: If you’re looking for something to do in Charleston, SC, stop by downtown! At night this area is home to many bars and restaurants, while throughout the day, there’s shopping at places like The Market and Waterfront Park with its breathtaking view of the Ashley River (seriously, you’ll want your camera ready).

 Weather in Charleston SC:

Waterfront Walk in Charleston Waterfront Park at sunrise, Charleston, South Carolina, USA Charleston - south carolina stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The average high temperature in Charleston during July is 90°F while the average low is 70°F.

The hottest time of year tends to be mid-August, while June and September are pretty comfortable (70’s degrees for highs). January, February, and March will get pretty chilly (the 50s for highs), but it rarely snows (except maybe once every few years!). In short: it all depends on what you’re looking for when booking your trip!

Charleston, SC, has a humid subtropical climate with four seasons. Summers tend to be hot and sticky, with plenty of rain in the afternoon/evening. At the same time, winter can get quite cold with little precipitation.

Tips when visiting Charleston, SC: First off, if you’re a history buff, then you should bring a camera, especially if you visit during the warmer months! I suggest trying to get to as many of our historical sites as possible for great photo ops.

Note that some attractions have their admission fees – particularly Fort Sumter and Boone Hall Plantation. Charleston also has ‘Places to Park,’ which is free parking at all of the major attractions within the city limits.

Additionally, there are paid parking lots available throughout downtown near places like Memminger Auditorium and The Music Farm, so keep this in mind when looking for things to do in Charleston, SC!


The Best time to Visit Charleston SC for Fishing:

The best times of year to visit Charleston for fishing are between late February and early April (when boats can easily access rockfish) and then during summer months when the water warms up enough to make it comfortable for Deep Sea Fishing.

The cold weather months, November-February, aren’t BAD for fishing; however, if you’re looking for good numbers of fish in local waters, then June-September is your best bet.

From personal experience (and many other fisherman’s reports around town), I’ve found that quality trumps quantity any day, so make sure to check out some tremendous inshore spots if you want to leave with more than just a couple. Of memories!

The best time to see dolphins in charleston sc:

Seeing a dolphin in the wild is something that you can describe as genuinely excellent. When visiting charleston, south Carolina, no matter the time of year, you should be able to spot a dolphin from one of my charter boats!

The best time for spotting dolphins in the area starts around November and continues through until May, during this time frame they are hunting their favorite prey which includes fish such as flounder and mullet.

The water warms up during June-September to attract large groupings or pods of dolphins into Charleston’s coastal waters.

This is great news for anyone wanting to catch sight of these majestic mammals! The absolute best time to see dolphins is during October when they start gathering near local inlets where there’s plenty of bait to go around.

The best time to Visit and spot whales in charleston sc:

The absolute best times for spotting whales are during the months between December and April. This timeframe coincides with the peak of the mating season so keep your fingers crossed! Keep in mind also that it’s much harder to find a whale than it is to find a dolphin as they tend to be more spread out along the coastline.

Again, another great reason you shouldn’t visit Charleston, SC, during peak tourist seasons is that you’re less likely to see these magnificent mammals as they shy away from large concentrations of people getting into their space.

From personal experience, I can say that it wouldn’t hurt (heck maybe even harm) your chances if you took a ferry out to Fort Sumter during early February when there are significantly fewer tourists around!

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