Does It Snow In Mexico? | Everything You Should Know

Does it snow in Mexico? That’s the first question I asked myself when trying to plan a trip for my family during the holiday. And, to my surprise, I found that the answer is yes – it does snow in Mexico! There are many different parts of Mexico that allow for snowfall and what I discovered is really remarkable as to why.

Does it Snow in Mexico?

The Mexican states of Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, and San Luis Potosi all see regular snowfall. In fact, the mountain town of Colima sees an average of 11 feet (3.4 meters) of snow every year!

So if you’re looking for a winter wonderland holiday destination, Mexico is definitely worth considering.

However, before you pack your bags and head south, there are a few things you should know about skiing and snowboarding in Mexico.

Firstly, the season runs from December to March, so timing is important. Secondly, the lifts are often slow and overcrowded, particularly at weekends. And finally, the quality of snow is unpredictable.

I’m sure it’s not what you want to hear but the unpredictability can actually be part of the fun! So if you aren’t fussed about being able to say that you have skied or snowboarded in every state, then don’t let the low-quality powder put you off. Just embrace it! If you are still undecided, here are some more reasons why Mexico makes for a great snowy holiday.

When Does it Snow in Mexico?

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The winter season in northwest Mexico runs from December until March, with February being the coldest month. However, it’s also worth bearing in mind that the weather is generally dry during this period so you may want to bring waterproof clothing if visiting higher altitudes.

Mexican Climate

The climate in Mexico is mainly hot and dry, with the exception of the mountainous regions where it’s cold and wet.

Mexico City, formerly known as Tenochtitlán has a subtropical highland climate. The summers are hot and the winters mild but it can get cold at night between December and February.

The average temperature in Mexico City, located in the central lowlands, is around 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit). In contrast, the average temperature in Chihuahua, located in the north, is 3 degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit).

How Much Snow Does Mexico Get?

While there isn’t a great deal of snowfall in most parts of Mexico, some areas do see a significant amount. Zacatecas, for example, sees an average of 10 feet (3 meters) of snow every year. San Luis Potosi sees about 8 feet (2.4 meters).

Where Does it Snow in Mexico?

Volcano Nevado de Toluca, Mexico mexico winter stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Mexico has three main ski destinations: Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Taxco. Here are all of the places you can find snowfall

Los Cabos

This part of Mexico is far better known for its stunning beaches than its snow-covered mountains but there are still plenty of wintery activities including skiing and snowboarding at the San Lázaro resort, which sits at 3,300 feet (?1,000 meters)

Puerto Vallarta

While the Puerto Vallarta region is best known for its lush jungle landscape and all-year-round warm weather, there are a few ski resorts dotted around the area. The most popular is the Banderas Bay Ski Resort, located in the town of Mascota. The resort offers both downhill and cross-country skiing as well as snowboarding


This colonial town in central Mexico is more renowned for its silver than its snow but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a spot of skiing or snowboarding while you’re there. The Villa de Cosalá Ski Resort is located about an hour outside of Taxcoand has a vertical drop of 1,000 feet (300 meters)So, now you know that it does snow in Mexico, are you ready to start planning your winter holiday?

 Mexiquillo, Durango

Located in the north-central part of Mexico, Durango is a state that is well known for its snow. The Mexiquillo ski resort is located just outside of the city and offers downhill skiing and snowboarding


In central Mexico, you will find the state of Zacatecas. This area is popular with skiers and snowboarders thanks to its numerous ski resorts, including the La Punta Blanca Ski Resort. The resort has a vertical drop of 2,000 feet (600 meters) making it one of the highest in the country

San Luis Potosi

The final Mexican state where you can enjoy some skiing and snowboarding is San Luis Potosi. Situated in the central highlands, the state is home to the Cumbres San Luis Potosi ski resort. The resort has a vertical drop of 1,620 feet (494 meters) making it a popular destination for snow lovers.

 Arteaga, Coahuila

This part of Mexico is located in the northeast and, despite its coastline, it’s not typically thought of as a tourist destination.

The region’s main attraction is an enormous desert that covers much of the state. However, if you are looking for some skiing or snowboarding action then you can head to Pabellón de Hidalgo Ski Resort. The resort has 10 runs, all with varying degrees of difficulty

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

One area where there’s plenty of snow is on Mexico’s southernmost tip in Baja California Sur. The most popular place to check out the snow is at the El Tepozán ski resort, which sits at a height of 7,000 feet (2,130 meters). The resort offers both downhill and cross-country skiing as well as a sledding area for the kids

How Much Does it Cost to Ski in Mexico?

Happy skiers and snowboarders winter vacations Happy skiers and snowboarders having fun at ski resort. Winter vacations concept ski stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Flights from the UK can cost around £400 with a basic package including transfers and accommodation. If you’re on a budget, Los Cabos is probably your best bet as it’s one of the cheapest resorts whilst Taxco is going to be your most expensive option

The accommodation also varies across resorts but expect to pay more for hotels with ski-in/ski-out access as well as those further away from lifts and pistes. In general though, just bear in mind that sleeping quarters are spartan so don’t expect luxury!


If you’re looking for a winter getaway, consider Mexico! The country has plenty of ski resorts scattered across the various states. While some are more affordable than others, all offer winter activities that will keep you entertained and on your toes during your stay.

You can find snowfall in Arteaga (Coahuil), Cabo San Lucas (Baja California Sur) or even Taxco (Mexico). If skiing is not something you enjoy then head to one of the beach towns like Los Cabos where there’s surfing year-round.

Whatever option best suits your needs, it seems as if this Mexican destination has just what you need to beat those cabin fever blues!

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