Top 15 Things to Do in Morro Bay CA

Morro Bay is a small, laid-back town on the Central Coast of California. It’s surrounded by dramatic coastal bluffs and has a lovely bay with sandy beaches and tide pools. Visitors come for the beautiful scenery, but they stay because Morro Bay is so much fun.

Visit Morro Rock State Park and explore the trails around the landmark rock at

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

Moro Rock State Park is a natural park with hiking trails and spectacular views, including one from the landmark rock.

At Morro Rock, you can go on a guided tour with knowledgeable docents or explore at your own pace and climb to the top of the iconic feature for spectacular views.

The park is home to rare birds, such as burrowing owls and peregrine falcons that nest here year-round.

Surfing in San Luis Obispo County began right here! Grab an old school board from one of our local surf shops rental stands along The Embarcadero and give surfing a try yourself (or enjoy watching.

Morro Bay’s history includes extensive whaling operations dating back more than 150 years ago when whales were hunted offshore by boat crews, then brought ashore where they were rendered.

Head to Shell Beach and pick up some seashells

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

Shell Beach is the perfect place to go for a romantic coastal walk or collect some of nature’s treasures. If you want the best beachcombing, stop by at low tide and head straight out from The Embarcadero to Shell Beach with your bucket in hand (or whatever container works).

You’ll find all sorts of goodies here–sea urchins, bits of kelp, and other plants that have washed ashore, plus lots more shells than anywhere else around Morro Bay! And if you’re lucky enough to visit on one of those rare days when storms have brought in an ‘incredible bounty of new seashells – like Sunrise Rock during a stormy winter day – then it’s an even better day!

See more Things to Do in Morro Bay.

Explore the galleries of art and artists at The Artists’ Gallery on Main Street, or visit a gallery representing one of our local artists near the estuary. You can also explore some smaller galleries downtown like Glass Arts Studio & Gallery or Artful Home, where you’ll find work by Vincent Piccione – ‘one who understands that balance is about coming together and not apart.

Grab a snack at Smitty’s Burgers

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

Smitty’s Burgers is a local landmark that has been serving up fresh, delicious burgers since 1949. There are few pleasures in life other than biting into one of Smitty’s famous cheeseburgers and fries while sitting outside on the patio overlooking Morro Bay Estuary with all its beauty.

The Embarcadero spans more than four miles along the bay from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay State Park, where you can watch kayakers paddle past as they explore nearby estuaries and secluded coves rich in birds.

Morro Bay also offers some great fishing, whether for rockfish or salmon at Moss Landing Harbor, halibut off Cayucos Pier, or tuna out at The Channel Islands National Park.

Watch a sunset from Morro Bay State Park

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

One of Morro Bay’s most spectacular natural landmarks is the sunsets! Walk down to The Embarcadero and bring a blanket, or stop by one of our many waterfront seafood restaurants for dinner.

The best way to watch the sunset in Morro Bay State Park is from the bluff above. It’s just north on Highway One, about two miles before you get into town at Quail Point Road – but it’ll be worth your while!

Watching sunsets over Morro Rock has been a tradition here since long before anyone could predict what time they would happen. After dark, there are lots more Things To Do in Morro’s Bay, CA, with several fun nightspots like The Fishmonger Restaurant & Lounge that brings together.

Kayak from Fisherman’s Wharf to Shell Beach

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

For a different perspective of Morro Bay, rent one of our kayaks from Fisherman’s Wharf and paddle across the bay to Shell Beach. Along your journey, you’ll see some incredible sights like sea otters frolicking as they play with their friends or bald eagles soaring overhead looking for dinner.

If it’s solitude that you’re after, then take yourself out on The Channel Islands National Park, where there are more than 20 miles of shoreline just waiting to be explored by kayak! You can stop at any island along the way (or all!) depending on if you want to spend hours or days exploring this magical place.

Fish for Halibut on Morro Bay with a full day charter

Morro Bay is the perfect spot for a day of fishing. The water is calm and clear, with plenty to see as you look down from your boat into the depths below.

As one of our visitors told us, ‘I arrived in Morro Bay on a Friday evening and had planned to fish before I left town on Sunday morning. Things didn’t work out that way.’ He went deep sea fishing – which he hadn’t done for years!

If it’s halibut you’re after, then we have some great spots around Morro Bay where they hang out near steep drop-off points like Moss Landing Harbor or Cayucos Pier, so be sure to ask about these locations when booking a charter through any local charter company like Blue Horizon Fishing Charters.

Swim in the ocean near the boat launch at Salmon Creek Park

Salmon Creek Park

There are few things more invigorating than cooling off in the ocean on a hot summer day.

Salmon Creek Park is home to our City’s boat launch, and there, you’ll find an undeveloped beach area where you can take your children for some fun in the waves or watch as others play their way through this natural playground. If it’s solitude that you’re after, then head south along The Embarcadero towards Morro Rock and Carpinteria State Beach, where you’ll be guaranteed privacy!

Another great place to go if it’s solace from crowds of people you want is Shell Beach Campground, which offers full hook-ups with tent camping sites and RV parking spots available, so come prepared no matter your preference.

Surf Lighthouse Point in the summertime

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

In the summertime, surfing is a favorite Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA, with Lighthouse Point being one of our area’s best spots for catching waves.

There are two ways to catch a wave at The Point; either paddle out from the shore on your own or hop aboard our surf boat that comes twice daily during peak season and provides transportation as well as lessons if you’re new to this sport!

The other great thing about going to Lighthouse Point Beach (other than it being so close) is that there’s no parking fee – just come early before everyone else does because once it fills up, then all Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA will be off-limits until the evening when we open back up.

Skateboard or bike along Pacific Avenue

The Boardwalk at Morro Bay is the perfect place to Skateboard along Pacific Avenue and watch as our beautiful bay unfolds in front of you.

Whether or not you’re up for skating, just walking here will be an amazing Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA, with many attractions nearby like The Harcourt Brace House Museum, which has been preserved beautifully since its original construction in 1905 when this was one of California’s first tract housing developments!

It’s also possible that – if it ever stops raining long enough – we could all try out skateboarding on the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Trail, where there are two miles of paths set aside specifically for those who want to explore by bike or board.

Have dinner and drinks at Ray’s by the Sea in Morro Bay, CA

One of the Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA that can’t be missed is dining at Ray’s by The Sea. If you’re looking for a great place to kick back with some drinks and savory food, then this is your spot.

At night, it becomes all about the sunset – so come early!

There are also plenty more Things To do in Morro Bay, California, like kayaking or fishing but don’t wait too long because winter will soon arrive, and these activities won’t be possible until next year when summertime rolls around again!

Explore Morro Rock State Park by bike or on foot

It is possibly one of the Things To Do in Morro Bay, California, that is most unique to our area, at least in Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA.

A quick and easy Things To do in Morro Bay, Ca – or a longer hike if you’re up for something more challenging!

The best way to see everything here? Walk around on foot while exploring some of the hidden paths near Turtle Rock, then head inside this old military facility originally built during World War II but now provides visitors with an opportunity for educational tours. There’s also camping available, so bring your tent and spend the night next door before heading back out onto Pacific Coast Highway towards Spindrift Cove, where there are plenty more Things To do in Morro Bay, CA, waiting for you to explore.

Take a self-guided tour of the art galleries in town

Things to Do in Morro Bay, CA

Another Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA, is to take a self-guided tour of the art galleries found throughout town.

It’s effortless because all you need to do is stop at one gallery and ask for their map, giving you an overview of what they offer and where else it might be and stopping by.

The maps can also tell you about any upcoming exhibitions, special events, or even those days when there’ll be live music kicking off, so come early to see these Things To do in Morro Bay, California!

Find your way to Hidden Beach and swim with sea lions

Curious sea lion underwater looking at camera

One of the Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA, that you might not know about – and it’s just a quick hike up onto our bluff – is Hidden Beach.

It can be found at the end of Vista del Mar Drive, which leads right down to our sandy beach below, where there are also some great Things To do in Morro Bay Ca like fishing, surfing, or even renting kayaks, so get your gear ready before heading this way!

And don’t forget that if you’re going with children then bring a picnic because they’ll love playing here too!

Pick up some fresh produce at Grant’s Farm Market & Bakery


Speaking of Things To do in Morro Bay, CA, with kids. Grant’s Farm Market and Bakery might be one of the best places to go for a family day out!

In Morro Bay, Ca, these Things To Do has been thriving since 1948, when it first opened up as an old-fashioned roadside market selling fresh produce – but today, it’s grown into so much more than that.

There are also plenty of Things To do here: you can pick up some baked goods from their bakery while grabbing your lunch from the deli or even taking advantage of their catering services if you’re hosting a gathering near this area; there’s always live music on weekends too, so make sure to check out what else is happening before stopping by.

Go out on a fishing charter with The Boat House Sportfishing Charters

 Grant's Farm Market
Charter Fishing Lines Against Sunrise

The Things To Do in Morro Bay, CA that people will often say they missed the most are those ones spent out on a fishing charter with The Boat House Sportfishing Charters.

It doesn’t matter if you want to head offshore for some deep-sea fishing or stay in our bay and fish from one of their boats – either way, this is an experience not to be missed!

They also offer other Things To do like kayak rentals so make sure to pack your gear before heading over there because it’s open every day during good weather conditions and never closes for any holidays.

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