Top 40 Things To Do In Temecula

There is a lot of things to do in Temecula, Temecula is a city in southwestern Riverside County, California. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 100,097 people. It was incorporated on December 1, 1989. Temecula is located within the Inland Empire region of Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego. The city is about 20 miles (32 km) south of San Diego and 70 miles (110 km) north of Los Angeles. To have a good time in such a dense city check out, check the top 40 things to do in Temecula.

1. Tour the Temecula Factory Outlets

Things To Do In Temecula

This popular collection of discount stores is one of the tops draws for tourists. The 1.3 million square feet boast more than 150 stores, including brand-name outlets like Coach Factory Store, Under Armour Factory House, and Hugo Boss Outlet Store. 9669 Front St., Ste. A2, Temecula;

2. Visit Old Town Temecula

It’s time to be a tourist in your own town! Whether you are an established resident or just visiting town, spend some time exploring this historic district that includes several museums, specialty boutiques, and dining options from Mexican and Southwestern cuisine to sushi bars and steak houses. 14520 Jefferson Ave., Temecula; 951-506-1475 or

2b. Visit the Old Town Temecula Community Theater

The summer concert series in Old Town Temecula will be a treat for country music lovers. It features free concerts by local and well-known artists, including Daryle Singletary, Lee Brice, Craig Morgan, and The Bellamy Brothers, on select Friday nights this summer through August 26. 14520 Jefferson Ave., Ste 116, Temecula;

3. Wine tasting at the Castle Creek Winery & Vineyard***

Things To Do In Temecula
vineyard rows in the countryside with rolling hills and a warm glow of setting sun

You’ll really appreciate the beautiful setting of this winery with its quaint European-style vineyards, tasting room, and bistro. The winery offers various wines that include award-winning sparkling wines, chardonnay, pinot grigio, and Sangiovese.

4. Tour through Old Town Temecula’s Sunken City

It is one of the top things to do in Temecula, with its historic buildings dating back to 1865 at their original location on Lake Skinner. Today, you can view them from above as they rest on the bed of what was once a lake but is now a popular city park featuring lighted tennis courts, playgrounds, a community center, and a skateboard park.

5. Take a Tour of San Diego’s Most Beautiful Wine Cellar

Take a tour through the breathtaking Acosta Winery and Vineyards, one of the most beautiful wineries in San Diego County that features an elegant tasting room with vaulted ceilings, towers, and archways. Enjoy samples of award-winning pinots noir, chardonnay, and signature Sangiovese, along with delicious appetizers during your visit to the winery.

6. Step Back in Time at Winchester Mystery House

Things To Do In Temecula

Opened on Halloween day in 1923 by Sarah Winchester as she fled from her home in New Haven following the death of her husband. She then moved to California and purchased a home in the Santa Clara Valley, where she lived for another 30 years without ever going outside. The Winchester Mystery House is renowned as one of San Diego’s most popular tourist attractions, offering award-winning wine and spirits at their unique onsite tasting room featuring windmill views overlooking the entire estate.

7. Sample Award-Winning Wines at Cavas Wine Bar & Bistro

This modern tapas-style restaurant with its intimate atmosphere features an extensive international wine list that includes 1,700 different wines from over 70 countries, including impressive wineries from Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Italy, France, etc. The United States. You’ll love the red snapper served with fresh clams, mussels & chorizo in a white wine sauce, and the traditional paella made from saffron rice, chicken stock, garlic & a special seafood blend.

8. Grab a Bite at Tuscany Steakhouse

Things To Do In Temecula
Steak on a plate being prepared in a Chef’s kitchen sauce being poured Cape Town South Africa

This small intimate winery features some of San Diego’s best steak entrées, such as their popular 16-ounce New York Strip served with mashed potatoes and vegetables and an array of decadent desserts along with a selection of award-winning wines that you can taste while lounging on leather couches or sofas inside their warm wood-paneled tasting room which offers stunning views overlooking their vineyards surrounding it.

9. Enjoy the View from your Garden at Rancho Sama in Ramona

Rancho Sama’s Historic Gardens, originally built by Spanish missionaries in 1811 and featuring 6 acres of exquisite gardens with an array of colorful flowers, grapes, and olive trees surrounding their charming Mission Style winery located along Highway 67 just south of San Diego County’s beautiful Lake Henshaw. Visit Thursday through Sunday between 10 am to 4 pm during March through December for a guided tour starting at $5 per person ($8 for non-members) or enjoy some wine tasting onsite for free during your visit to the historic gardens.

10. Enjoy Award-Winning Wines from Los Hornos Vineyards in Ramona

Los Hornos Vineyard’s tasting room is open for wine tastings between 2 – 7 pm from March through November on Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment only. The winery offers a well-rounded selection of red, white, and sparkling wines that have won numerous awards over the years, including their popular award-winning Zinfandel, featured in Wine Spectator Magazine as one of the Top 100 Best Buys. Also available during your visit to Los Hornos Winery are an assortment of light appetizers, chocolate-covered strawberries, and olive oil hand lotion, along with complimentary herb-infused salts for sale at their convenient gift shop.

11. Enjoy Some Wine & Art at the Ramona Vintners Studio in San Diego

Ramona Vintner Studio, created by artist and art instructor Janelle Pardoe of JJPStudios, is an intimate 16×20 room located inside The Neighborhood Gallery, which features a monthly rotating array of artwork from talented local artists that are displayed alongside multiple paintings featuring grapes grown there along with wine tasting and light appetizers offered throughout each month during their 6 pm – 9 pm events held on the second Saturdays of every month.

12. Explore Historic Rancho Guajome Park in San Diego

Things To Do In Temecula

Rancho Guajome County Park, originally built in 1916 by San Diego’s finest architect William Templeton Johnson and his brother and land developer Lewis Francis Johnson, is an eclectic collection of California Mission-style buildings with a historic barn and stage near their outdoor swimming pool as well as tennis courts, baseball fields for softball games along with two lakes where visitors can enjoy fishing. The site also features the ruins of an 1800s adobe ranch house that once belonged to the Mexican Land Grant Rancho Guajome (the word “game” means blackberry) that pioneer families owned from 1841 until it became part of the park in 1942.

13. View the Ruins at Agua Hedionda Lagoon County Park

Agua Hedionda Lagoon County Park has a rich history from its early days as an agricultural center for its surrounding farmers starting in the late 1800s to it being used as a military training ground during World War II until San Diego County acquired it in 1988, who now maintain and preserve it today. The park is home to California’s largest, best-preserved example of a 19th century earthen tidal causeway is known as “The Dump,” which helped drain the marshlands that formed Agua Hedionda Lagoon before roads such as Interstate 5 running through them. Also located within this beautiful 200-acre county park are some interesting historical remnants left behind, including two former farmhouses along with three barns where you can also picnic while walking around this scenic park along the lagoon, fishing in its massive saltwater lagoon and beaver pond, or enjoy a relaxing ride on one of their vintage redwood paddle boats which are rented out nearby.

13. Enjoy Free Wine Tasting at Ramona’s Local Winery, Calaveras Vineyards

Calaveras Wine Company is northern San Diego County’s most premiere destination for fine wine tasting with three different age-worthy red wines along with white wines and some sweet dessert wines that had won over 200 awards, including “Best of Class” during the past 12 years through competitions and contests held by various associations throughout California since 2004 when it was first established. The winery also offers an assortment of baskets filled with fresh fruit tarts baked fresh daily along with a variety of snacks that can be paired with their award-winning wines during its tastings held every day of the week.

14. Check Out the Historic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego

The iconic Hotel del Coronado officially opened on July 2, 1888, after finishing construction by Hotelier Thomas B. Black at the cost of $600,000 as one of the most luxurious hotels built along the beautiful California coastline at that time featuring 286 guest rooms and suites as well as an array of amenities such as indoor and outdoor dining areas, two large swimming pools, private gardens along with tennis courts where residents could enjoy horseback riding on the beach but was later transformed into one of America’s top tourist attractions through its 50s &s 60s charm after Marilyn Monroe filmed “Some Like it Hot” here in 1959 and over a dozen additional movies have been shot at this seaside resort since then including the upcoming new “Baywatch” film to be released on May 19, 2017. The five-star hotel also features three world-class restaurants offering excellent cuisine along with several bars that were recently remodeled to serve better their guests, tour groups, and travelers from around the world who make their way through San Diego’s most popular vacation destination.

15. Experience the Different Flavors of Ice Cream at Albertos Gelato Italiano

If you’re looking for one of northern San Diego County’s most romantic date nights or even just an afternoon outing with your family while visiting Ramona during your time here, be sure to check out Albertos Gelato Italiano, located right on the main stretch of downtown Ramona which offers over 30 flavors of homemade ice cream and sorbet made fresh daily on-site. They also sell their popular gelato by the pint, half-gallon, or a whole gallon, along with several different gift baskets that can make an excellent gift for the one you love, including your choice of flavor in a waffle cone dipped in chocolate, coffee beans, or almonds. This little shop is also well known for its authentic taste and texture compared to gelato found throughout Italy, thanks to Alberto Esposito, who started his gelato store/bakery in Fresno three years ago before moving it up to nearby San Diego County, where he currently lives today.

16. Enjoy the Peaceful Beauty of San Diegueno Lagoon County Park

Things To Do In Temecula

One of northern San Diego County’s largest county parks that features a nearly two-mile-long lagoon where you can cycle, walk your dog, or hike while enjoying the beautiful scenery along with several picnic areas and fishing spots available year-round. The park is also home to over 130 different species of birds along with several fish varieties like rainbow trout, catfish bass, flounder, as well as an assortment of ducks and other waterfowls that make their way through this peaceful nature reserve every season, including winter when its lagoon freezes over due to it being one of southern California’s only inland lakes which stays frozen year-round.

17. Hike the Tongva Hills in Escondido

The 166-acre park is located within a spacious 1185 acre preserve that offers six different trails to hikers of all skill levels through its various canyons where you can bring your horse when riding trails #2,3 and 4 are open during weekdays only due to technicality issues currently being worked on by the city of Escondido. The park also features several bird feeders which attract a wide variety of songbirds throughout the day, including yellow finches, common redstarts, house sparrows along with acorn woodpeckers, white-breasted nuthatches, as well as an occasional rufous hummingbird which is one of San Diego County’s most common urban-dwelling hummingbirds who visits the park regularly.

18. Enjoy the Cool Breezes at Lake Wohlford in Vista

One of northern San Diego County’s most popular lakes for camping, fishing, and hiking, was originally part of the Rancho Guajome Adobe that has been around since 1845 when California became a state. Today, this 82-acre lake is one of California’s largest reservoirs, having been built back in 1962 to help maintain a local drinking water supply along with several residential areas throughout Escondido while providing an excellent place for kayaking, fishing, or just relaxing by taking in the sights and sounds from atop its surrounding hillsides, bluffs or even on one of its many nearby trails ranging from easy strolls to more challenging hikes. The park also features three separate fishing areas along with different camping sites for tents, RVs, and even a horse campsite where you can enjoy this spectacular lake from the comfort of your own tent or cabin.

19. Enjoy an Amusement Park in Miniature at Legoland

Things To Do In Temecula

Located just outside of San Diego in Carlsbad, California, LEGOLAND California offers affordable admission prices ranging from $62-$83 per person after regular daily admission prices were raised last year but remains one of San Diego County’s best-kept secrets during the off-season when crowds are sparse and wait times aren’t too long thanks to its new FastTrack ticketing system which allows you to board rides faster than ever before while avoiding the lines altogether.

20. Enjoy the Beautiful Vistas of Crystal Cove State Park Beaches

Located just five miles south of Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove State Park is one of Orange County’s best-kept secrets and most popular state parks thanks to its breathtaking views that can be seen from the top of its scenic trails or while laying out in the sand at any one of its beautiful white sandy beaches which are perfect for swimming, snorkeling or surfing all year round due to the waters being heated by natural hot springs beneath nearby Anacapa Island. The park also features various picnic areas for day use, along with some great hiking trails that take you through coastal sagebrush, pine trees, and even oak woodlands during your journey along this coastal nature reserve.

21. Relax on a Glider at Torrey Pines State Beach

One of the most popular beaches in San Diego County that is located just five minutes north of downtown in Del Mar, California, this wide sandy beach offers everything from picnicking to surfing along with an assortment of trails for hiking and mountain biking through forested canyons and coastal bluffs which are home to a unique variety of wildlife including lots of different types of birds, plants as well as several different mammals such as foxes, bobcats, ringtail cats, and even bats. You’ll also find one of the most unusual activities available anywhere at its Glider Port, and You can pay $20 for 15 minutes to fly above Torrey Pines State Beach in a hang glider tethered to a cable that allows you to experience the beach in an entirely new and unique way.

22. Enjoy Breathtaking Views at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Located just north of Ocean Beach along Point Loma, San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs is one of southern California’s most popular hiking destinations due to its great location along the Pacific Ocean as well as offering several different trails ranging from easy strolls that are suitable for children all the way up to very steep trails that reach near-vertical heights. However, beginning hikers shouldn’t have trouble reaching nearby viewing areas such as Moss Landing while taking in breathtaking views or even visiting tidepools and other secluded coves along the way. While it can get crowded during good weather weekends, it’s also one of San Diego’s most popular parks thanks to its proximity along the coast as well as providing several great picnic areas and even a grassy lawn or two for anyone just looking to relax while taking in the views on any given day.

23. Experience the Ancient Malibu Canyon Road

While many people tend to bypass Malibu on their way up the Pacific Coast Highway, you should make sure that you stop by here if possible due to its ancient Chumash Indian ruins and this fascinating road which has been carved out of pure rock dating all the way back up to 3,000 years ago. You can do your own self-guided tour or take one of the regularly scheduled guided van tours through this unique canyon where these ancient ancestors called home for hundreds of years before being displaced by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1769.

24. Visit The Petersen Automotive Museum

Things To Do In Temecula

Located just 10 minutes from Santa Monica, The Petersen Automotive Museum is one of Los Angeles’ most popular museums, which features over 300 full-sized vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even a space shuttle that date all the way back to 1895, as well as taking a look into our automotive future with their Concept Gallery which shows off their latest creations that are on display there today. This unique museum was founded in 1994 by Peter O. Petersen along with his wife Margie, who have been collecting cars ever since they were first married back in 1942 and now feature an amazing assortment of cars that range from antique models to the latest and greatest creations as well as covering practically every decade in between.

25. Catch a Show at The Old World Theater

While Los Angeles is mostly known for its modern and contemporary architecture, this historic theater will certainly give you a different perspective on the city’s most popular tourist attraction. Originally built back in 1925, this Spanish Revival-style building was originally used as a silent movie house until it closed down in the 1960s, only to be reopened again by renowned architect Frank Gehry for use as an opera stage back 2004. Today it can be rented out for private events or even attended during their regular performance series, where you’ll get to see world-class performers featured either on their stage or sometimes even on the big screen in their 1,800 seat theater.

27. Savor the Flavors of Old Mexico at El Cholo Restaurants

If you’ve been craving some authentic Mexican food, then there’s no better place to go than one of these famous El Cholo restaurants, where they have been serving up fabulous and flavorful cuisine for as long as anyone can remember. Their menu is mostly made up of delicious dishes from northern Mexico, such as tacos, burros, enchiladas, and quesadillas. Still, every once in a while, they’ll throw in something new to make sure that everyone keeps coming back for more, whether it’s a fiesta or not.

28. Take an Optional Tour Along The Original Route 66

While it’s mostly through the desert today, this stretch of road was originally laid out in 1857 as the National Wagon Road, and while there are many different variations of this long-haul route to get you from Chicago all the way down to Santa Monica, one of them will be right along Highway 66 that goes completely through Los Angeles. More importantly, some of these original sections can still be traveled by car today, including crossing over into Glendale along Brand Boulevard before turning westbound onto Colorado Boulevard near Griffith Park and heading south on Alvarado Street.

29. Enjoy a Sunset Cruise on The Queen Mary

Things To Do In Temecula

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique than just your typical cruise experience, then you should definitely check out what The Queen Mary has to offer because they put the “fun” in n funeral at this historic ship which is the longest and tallest cruise ship ever built back in 1966. This landmark attraction was definitely one of her most prominent features but with a le. Still, with 019.5 feet long and a top speed of just 16 knots, she had been used mostly for short day trips before being purchased by the Occidental Steamship Company, where they th, en converted her into a floating hotel that mainly carried people trying to escape from World War II Europe.

30. See Some Art at The Norton Simon Museum

Founded all the way back in 1966, this incredible museum comprises almost 850 pieces made up of European masterpieces dating as far back as 1200 and an impressive collection of American art that includes paintings by John Singleton Copley, Thomas Eakins, and Edward Hopper.

31. Be a Part of the Plot at Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re one for movies, this theme park is definitely something that you’ll want to add to your schedule because they feature live shows, stunt performances, behind-the-scenes tours, and much more. However, their biggest attraction comes with their latest blockbuster, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, which offers guests a chance to travel through Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, where they get to experience all four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, plus ride their very own Gringott’s dragon roller coaster.

32. See the Great American West at The Autry Museum of the American West

I love how this unique museum tells more than just the story behind its title at The Autry Museum of the American West. Instead, it uses some exciting exhibitions to tell just how different life was for those throughout the Old West, especially during and after General William Tecumseh Sherman’s march to take Georgia, known as his “March To The Sea.” 33. Take a Day Trip to Santa Anita Park

If you’re looking for something a little bit more exciting in Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to check out Santa Anita Park, which is home to both thoroughbred horse racing and greyhound dog racing that are held year-round. The best part about visiting this landmark attraction is that you’ll be able to place a wager on the ponies right from your very own seat while enjoying their past season’s highlight reel.

34. Eat Your Way Through Chinatown

If the smells in Little Saigon have gotten your mouth watering, why not check out Chinatown, where hundreds of restaurants, bakeries, and markets to choose from for all three meals of the day. If you’re looking for anything specific, I recommend checking out China Cafe Express and House Of Hong around 8th & Union before heading over to 1788 Thai Cuisine or New Grand Century Seafood at 612 N. Hill St. Plus, if you’re seeking some good fortune, then don’t forget about bringing along a spare coin for the wishing well in Portsmouth Plaza Park.

35. See Where It All Started at Original Tommy’s Hamburgers

Founded back in 1948, this original location of an iconic fast-food chain has been serving its famous chili-cheese burgers and crispy fries ever since. Furthermore, they’re also credited with creating the chopped beef sandwich that is topped with onion. Still, Ray Kroc used their business model to create his own chai,n which ultimately led to them becoming worldwide successes as McDonald’s.

36. Find The Perfect Souvenir at The Farmer’s Market At The Grove

Located right outside of CBS Studios on Fairfax Avenue, this unique farmers market offers plenty of shopping opportunities for everyone, no matter what you might be looking to buy. This includes a wide array of handmade crafts, flowers, fruits and vegetables, live entertainment, special events, and food trucks galore. Plus, there’s a bonus that comes with shopping in The Grove, which is the fact that you’ll have access to nearby malls and movie theaters!

37. Take A Day Trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain

Being born & raised in LA, I can definitely say that this is one place my family used to frequently visit as kids because it was always something fun for everyone to do no matter what your age while also being just far enough away where we wouldn’t be intruding on anyone else who might’ve wanted some undisturbed peace & quiet. In addition, if you’re traveling with small children, you definitely be pleased to find out that there are three parks designed just for their little ones; Bugs Bunny Boomtown, Looney Tunes Seaport, and DC Comics Super Hero Island.

38. Experience The Magic at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

There’s nothing I love more than an escape; any escape where you feel like you’re in another world or a place with different people & ideals. So whenever there’s something new opening up within the Anaheim area, it’s no surprise how I’m always excited about checking it out, especially when it’s based on my favorite series. Presenting everyone’s favorite boy wizard and his adventures through Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry along with Hogsmeade Village from Universal Studios.

39. Spend The Day At Universal City Walk

Following the success of Disneyland, Walt Disney decided to pursue another dream & vision, which was that there should be a place where adults could also enjoy going to an amusement park without having to feel like they had to leave their spouses or kids at home while they were away. Thus leading his team of clever Imagineers to create a new theme park called Universal Studios along with the special area known as “CityWalk” back in 1990, which is modeled after its counterparts in Florida and California, where it features many of the same shops, restaurants, movie theaters and entertainment options besides each being connected by an overhead walkway that spans both sides of the street. 

40. Have Fun at the Aquarium of the Pacific

One of my favorite things to do when visiting aquariums is simply walking around and looking at all the different creatures from both near & far. There’s just something so magical about being able to see them up close and in person as if you’re swimming right alongside them or even interacting with them. But that thought process only applies to real life, seeing as how in games, I don’t like getting up too close for any reason because then there’s a chance one of them might come flying out towards me with their sharp fins while also leaving behind one of those dreaded blood splatters! Fortunately, this beautiful facility located within Long Beach has an indoor/outdoor tropical rainforest habitat and a colorful coral reef tank, as well as plenty of other unique features for everyone to enjoy year-round.

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