Isla Baru Colombia | The Ultimate Tourist Guide

About Isla Baru

Isla Baru is an island in Colombia. It is located in a secluded area about 30 minutes away from Cartagena.

This island has been visited by travelers for a long time and continues to be a popular tourist destination.

There are many natural attractions on the island that are worth exploring, such as caves, hills, and beaches. The town of Isla Baru itself is also home to many unique festivals, including the Festival de Los Toros and the Festival de San Juan.

Cartagena to Isla Baru – How to Get There

It is possible to travel between Isla Baru and Cartagena in about 30 minutes if you take a motorboat.

The main entrance to the island from the mainland is through the San Pedro Lagoon, which is reached by crossing a small bridge that connects Weyler Street in Bocagrande with the San Pedro peninsula. Be careful when crossing this bridge, as the traffic is very intense.

When entering Isla Baru from Cartagena, you will not be able to tell that you are actually leaving the city.

There are no checkpoints or border patrol officers asking for identification and tourists who travel between Cartagena and Isla Baru can easily cross in just a few minutes.

When traveling between Isla Baru and Cartagena, it is important to consider the tide schedules and times when the motorboats will be departing from either side of the island.

It is best to visit during low tide so that you will not have any issues crossing from one end to another. The tides rise very quickly in this area, so you do not have a lot of time to wait around.

Isla Baru – Where to Stay

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There are many different types of accommodations on Isla Baru, ranging from hostels and hotels to B&Bs and bed & breakfasts. These establishments can be found in various towns located throughout the island, such as Pueblo Rico and Tres Palos.

The town of Isla Baru itself has an infrastructure similar to that which you would find in any other municipality; it contains housing complexes, private homes, administrative buildings, schools, churches, and shops along the main road.

It is very easy to travel about this island because there are no vehicles available for rental and there are few tour companies operating on the island.

Most of the hotels located in Isla Baru are family-run establishments, which make them very welcoming. This is a great place to stay if you plan on having more privacy than you would find at a larger hotel chain.

Some of the most well-known hotels in Isla Baru include:

La Casona del Mar :

La Casona is a family-run B&B that has been around for several decades and it is currently owned by Mr. Luis Alberro, a very friendly man who loves to meet with his customers and provide information about the town’s history.

Mr. Alberro also offers free transportation to and from Cartagena, making him one of the most convenient places to stay if you are visiting Cartagena or Isla Baru without your own vehicle.

Lo de Beto :

A small hotel located near Tres Palos beach provides a basic place to rest after enjoying all of the island’s natural attractions. This hotel offers simple rooms and a nice lounge area where you can relax after a long day of exploring.

There is also a restaurant on site that serves drinks, snacks, and typical Colombian dishes.

Casa Drino :

Located in Pueblo Rico, this hotel features charming architecture, adding to the island’s rustic charm. There are six rooms available at Casa Drino (three of them with air conditioning) as well as a common area where you can watch television or read while enjoying the scenery from one of the terraces present throughout the establishment.

Villa Isla :

This hotel was originally built in 1958 and it has been fully renovated since then to keep up with modern standards. Villa Isla offers twelve comfortable rooms and a restaurant on the premises.

El Novillo Blanco.:

El Novillo Blanco has five rooms and a private pool. There are also several suites available for rent that are equipped with air conditioning and cable television.

Blue Sky :

Blue Sky is a popular hotel on Isla Baru because it is one of the few establishments offering fans in each room, rather than air conditioning. The hotel’s location makes it very convenient, as it can be found just steps away from two different beaches: El Largo Beach and La Boca Beach.

These places offer personal attention from staff members who will attend to your needs with courtesy and professionalism.

Isla Baru – Where to Eat

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The food in Isla Baru is very simple and it consists mostly of typical Colombian dishes that are not too spicy. This is a great place to come if you really want to enjoy the local flavors without having your palate overwhelmed by spices or ingredients that are foreign to Colombia.

Cold Cuts :

If you like meat, then this is definitely the place for you! The cold cuts available at this establishment have been prepared using various types of pork products and they will leave you feeling satisfied after just one bite.

Croque Madame :

This cafe provides delicious sandwiches with freshly baked bread and savory fillings that highlight the most popular dishes found on Isla Baru. The establishment serves some of the island’s favorite meals, including empanadas and meat sandwiches that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

El Manzanito :

This is the perfect place to come if you want to sample a variety of foods from different parts of Colombia. Not only does El Manzanito offer local staples like avocado soup, fried fish, and beef stew, but it also has an entire section dedicated to traditional desserts from the Antioquia region in northwest Colombia.

Casa de los Dos Portales:

Casa de Los Dos Portales is located at Pueblo Rico and there you can find a wide range of seafood dishes made with fresh, fantastic ingredients. The service is excellent here and the waiters are very pleasant.

La Fonda:

Tourists from all over Isla Baru know that La Fonda is the place to come when you want to sample yummy seafood dishes and other traditional Colombian fare found on Carolina, Santa Marta, or San Andres islands. This restaurant provides an authentic atmosphere and delicious food items at a price that won’t make you feel like you’re being ripped off.

Things to Do in Isla Baru:

Are you interested in learning about Isla Baru? Then take a step outside of the city itself and explore other areas on the island! There is a wide range of natural wonders to be discovered on Isla Baru, including caves, hills, and beaches.

Cuevas de los Peces :

This cave can be found near La Poza Beach. Its name translates into “caves of the fish” because bats live here and they are often seen catching small fish as they fly out of the cave.

El Morro:

The best way to get to El Morro is by boat because it requires a journey across open waters and then through passages within the mangroves that separate it from the mainland.

Lago de San Pedrito :

This lake is surrounded by beautiful green hills and is filled with clear seawater. There are many freshwater lakes on Isla Baru that are home to large amounts of fish, crabs, lobsters, and other aquatic creatures.

El Arrecife: This place serves as a great spot for long walks or a picnic under the shade of coconut trees in the afternoon. This area also has large wading pools that you can swim in when you feel like relaxing while looking at more natural landscape views. El Arrecife also hosts an annual fishing tournament!

Tours :

Most tourists come to Isla Baru because they enjoy learning about the island’s history and culture. Luckily, there are many tour groups that can provide you with a glimpse into the lives of people who call this island home!

Fiesta de Los Toros :

The Fiesta de Los Toros is held during the last week of July and it includes live bullfights, parades, games, live music performances, and plenty of other activities.

The bullfighting competition is a major attraction for tourists because they get to see some great examples of local culture as well as enjoy an exciting sporting event at the same time.

Festival del San Juan :

If you like fireworks displays and tons of fun then be sure to attend this festival when it is hosted each June! This is an annual tradition on Isla Baru that involves costumed participants, a procession with torches, fireworks shows, music, and dancing in the streets.

Snorkeling :

Isla Baru is home to a variety of coral reefs which makes it an excellent place for snorkelers!

The underwater environment here features some of the clearest seawater in all of Colombia and is teeming with colorful, tropical fish. This is one of Isla Baru’s most popular activities for tourists who are visiting the area.

Surfing :

If you enjoy surfing then be sure to visit Isla Baru because it has several popular surf spots on its coast that attract many visitors each year.

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Some of these locations include Playa Sucre, Playa Riosucio, Olas Bucansas, and Playa Grande. The waves found here are strong enough for experienced surfers, yet calm enough for beginners to learn.

Golfing :

Isla Baru’s golf course is the largest on the Caribbean side of Colombia and one of the most expansive in South America.

The area includes three different courses: Los Peces, Los Cocos, and El Burro. Each of these features its own unique charm despite being located in close proximity to each other. Golfers who visit Isla Baru will enjoy a spectacular view while they play!

Diving/Snorkeling Tours:  

Many tourists interested in exploring Isla Baru’s rich aquatic life seek out diving or snorkel tours to gain access to secluded areas that are filled with colorful fish, coral reefs, and more!

Hiking/Biking :  

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Isla Baru has many beautiful trails that are perfect for hiking in the morning or at night. These paths wind their way through thick forests, past lakes and rivers, and across open fields with stunning views of mountains in the distance. You can also take a bike out for a spin on some of these bicycle paths!

Isla Baru Tourists Attractions

Cuevas de Los peces :

This cave can be found near La Poza Beach. Its name translates into “caves of the fish” because bats live here and they are often seen catching small fish as they fly out of the cave.

El Porro :

There is a beautiful, natural rock formation at this location that looks like a human head protruding from the side of a rocky hill. El Porro was once considered sacred by the native people who lived on Isla Baru many years ago, but it is still respected today even though it is located inside of Playa Blanca, a private beach community.

San Pedro Beach:

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Located in Pueblo Rico, this beach offers great swimming opportunities as well as a chance for tourists to explore the different types of exotic fish that live in the waters around Isla Baru.

La Piscina:

This pool is located on Calle 11 Bis and it is used by many families who live on Isla Baru. It hosts several annual swimming competitions, especially during the months of December and January.

Parque de las Madres :

Tourists love visiting this park because they get to enjoy some great views of Playa Blanca as well as see some interesting rock sculptures that have been built near the shoreline by local artists.

The rocks at Parque de las Madres are also very colorful! There’s plenty to do in Isla Baru, so if you’d like to experience the true beauty of Colombia then book a plane ticket and come visit us!

Recommended Things To Pack:

Here are some items that you might want to consider bringing with you on your trip:

Flip flops:

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sandals are super useful for walking around Isla Baru and the flip flop style is perfect for getting some fresh air while still keeping your feet covered.

Bathing suit:

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many tourists like to visit the natural swimming pools that are located near La Poza Beach. These spots are also ideal for people who enjoy water sports such as snorkeling!


Woman relaxing in hammock on beach Woman relaxing in hammock on beach hammock on beach stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

it’s a good idea to bring an easy-to-carry hammock with you when traveling because Isla Baru has plenty of gorgeous beaches that make a great place for relaxing in between your adventures. Hammocks can be used on sandy beaches, rocky shores, or any other spots where you’d like to get comfortable on a nice, relaxing afternoon.

A camera:

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Isla Baru is full of natural beauty and history that’s worth capturing through the lens of your digital camera. This island has plenty to offer for tourists who are interested in family travel opportunities as well as people who enjoy visiting places with an interesting history!

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